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  1. Iron Baron (1972)

    Neptun type general cargo vessel IRON BARON. Yard #385 launched Oct 1972 by VEB Schiffswerft Neptun, Rostock (East Germany) for Reederei Barthold Richters, Hamburg. Chartered by BHP before delivery and registered Newcastle (U.K.) to Richters subsidiary Baron Shipping Co. Ltd, Bermuda. March 1980...

    Iron Baron in floating dock Newcastle 1952
  3. Iron Baron ~Koolan 80

    Discharging a Terex dump truck from Iron Baron at Koolan Island, Yampi Sound 1980.
  4. Iron Baron

    Iron Baron (ex Kilbaha ex Emerald Wings),1920.
  5. Iron Baron

    This black and white photo of BHP's Iron Baron at Geelong was taken in the early 1950s by an old friend, Bob Sharp. This was one of a series of four, built at Glasgow in 1936-7, to a new BHP design with engines aft. Ian Menzies has posted a photo of the much later Iron Monarch, which closely...
1-6 of 6 Results