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  1. unknown Bulker in Vitória

    Post card from Vitória Brazil in 60's, we may see a old bulk carrier at anchor on inner anchorage area waiting for berth to load iron ore. I'm believe she's a danish ship.
  2. Bulkers berth in Tubarão

    To be identified, one huge bulker -left corner- in the end of 60's, berthing Tubarão Port - Vitória - Espírito Santo state - Brazil. STB berthing is Japanese ship Fukuyama Maru, abt 97,700 dwt - Thanks for cooperation.
  3. Unknown bulker

    Bulker along side in Vitória Brazil loading iron ore in "Atalaia terminal", probably in mid of 60's. She had suffering fire on accommodation from oil spillage on the water from another vessel.

    Bulker manoeuvring in Vitória ES - Brazil. Photo made by Capt Carlos Dufriche - 1981
  5. unknown bulker

    Unidentified "old" (modern for that times), bulker berth in ore terminal in Vitória - Brazil. Date about 1960.
  6. Iron Ore

    Outwrd bound in the Tyne the "Iron Ore" was one of five sisters built for Vallum Shipping Company, which was managed by Common Brothers, plus two more that Common Brothers built for their own Hindustan Steam Shipping Company, from various yards. All were on 10 or 15 year charters to BISCO and...
1-7 of 7 Results