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  1. Iron Yampi

    25 year survey in Hong kong
  2. Iron Yampi

    My first trip as Apprentice with BHP

    Iron Yampi in Hong Kong 1971. Undergoing 25 year survey.
  4. Iron Yampi

    Boat deck, Iron Yampi, 1972
  5. Time to go...

    Iron Yampi 1972
  6. Philippine Picnic

    Iron Yampi 1972
  7. Manila Girls

    Iron Yampi 1972
  8. Iron Yampi

    Iron Yampi, Whyalla
  9. Nock-off

    Iron Yampi, Whyalla
  10. Turn-to

    Iron Yampi, Whyalla 1972
  11. Iron Yampi

    Me and two West Australians, Iron Yampi 1972
  12. Iron Yampi

    Grant Elliot, an old scouser and Tony C
  13. Iron Yampi BBQ

    BBQ onboard Iron Yampi, 1972
  14. Iron Yampi

    Iron Yampi, Port Kembla 1972
  15. Iron Yampi

    BHP ship Iron Yampi, Hong Kong 1972
  16. Iron Yampi.

    Iron Yampi, the first of 4 X 12,500 tonners designed and built at BHP's Whyalla Shipyard. Specifically designed for thr long Northabout route to the North West of Australia and retyrn with ore to the East Coast. Most Australian seamen of this period have done this run. I found it to be very...
  17. Iron Yampi, first load, 1951 (not 1953!)

    Although the first of 4 was launched launched in 1948, the Yampi class ships didnt start running to Yampi Sound until 1953, when the loading facilities and berth were completed. Until then they were used mainly on the 'black and tan ' run, Whyalla to Newcatsle / Port Kembla.
1-18 of 18 Results