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  1. Álaker, ex Isabella

    Built in Grimsby. Bought from Iceland in 1913 as Isabella. Bought by the Yard-men in Tórshavn in 1943, r/n Álaker
  2. Isabella

    Isabella moored at cargo terminal in Lowestoft 4th February 2009
  3. Isabella

    Isabella discharging at Tranmere. 31/7/08
  4. Isabella

    The Isabella of Barrow sailing, or perhaps more correctly: motoring, into Newlyn Harbour. A Lancashire schooner of 97 tons, she was built at Barrow by T. Ashburner in 1878. Here's a site with some more info:
  5. INS 123 "Isabella"

    Catamaran trawler INS 123 "Isabella" in Burghead 2007-04-23.
  6. Isabella

    2004 Samho, Gt 57301 Imo 9255672 owner Thenamaris Genoa from Black Sea, 5 july 2006
1-6 of 6 Results