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  1. Isle of Guernsey

    British Railways At St Helier, Jersey on a bit of a rough day I experienced my first rough voyage aboard this ship as a schoolboy in 1955 on returning to Southampton from a holiday in Guernsey - she pitched and rolled violently to the sounds of much crashing of crockery, heavy thuds from...
  2. Isle of Guernsey

    The 1st Class Dining Saloon
  3. Isle of Guernsey

    Corner of one of the 1st Class Lounges
  4. Isle of Guernsey

    The 1st Class Tea Room forward on the Boat Deck
  5. Isle of Guernsey

    Steaming up Southampton Water in her later years
  6. Isle of Guernsey

    British Railways service to the Channel Islands from Southampton. At Southampton in 1955
  7. Isle of Guernsey

    A case of 'Call the Pollution Police!' The Isle of Guernsey from an early photo during her career. My memories of her are from having had my first ever experience of an exceptionally rough voyage aboard ship when sailing from Guernsey to Southampton in 1955.
  8. Isle of Guernsey

    ISLE OF GUERNSEY 1930 2143 tgr S.Rly Blt Wm Denny /Dumbarton B/up Ghent 20-11-61 From an original with full copyright.1930's. Suggestions welcome.
1-8 of 8 Results