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  1. Isle of Lewis

    Entering Oban Bay with a sailing from Barra.
  2. Isle of Lewis

    CalMac's MV Isle of Lewis approaches Oban with a sailing from Barra.
  3. Isle of Lewis

    Isle of Lewis entering Oban Bay from Barra.
  4. Isle of Lewis

    CalMac's MV Isle of Lewis heading away from Oban with the 13.40 sailing to Barra.
  5. Isle of Lewis

    Isle of Lewis standing in whilst the Hamnavoe is on refit.
  6. Isle of Lewis

    Heading for Barra, substituting for Lord of the Isles - which was substituting for Finlaggan (suffering from engine trouble). Bulker Yeoman Bontrup at right, waiting to berth at Glensanda.
  7. Isle of Lewis

    CalMac's current spare boat, MV Isle of Lewis, entering Oban Bay with the 07.30 sailing from Barra. With a CalMac crew strike due tomorrow 26 June, a special timetable is in operation. If anybody wants a rare sailing, Isle of Lewis is running a special to Barra on 27 June departing Oban at 00:46!
  8. Isle of Lewis

    Isle of Lewis at Ardrossan today for berthing trails.
  9. Isle of Lewis

    Isle of Lewis at Ardrossan today for berthing trails.
  10. Isle of Lewis

    Isle of Lewis in stornoway 2011
  11. Isle of Lewis

    Approaching Stornoway with the 10.25 sailing from Ullapool.
  12. Isle of Lewis

    A photo taken at Stornoway.
  13. Ferry Enjoyable!

    I loved watching this lady as she tried to get the closest possible view of the model of the 'Isle of Lewis' and the passengers on deck! All three models of CalMac ferries - 'Isle of Lewis', 'Hebrides' and 'Pioneer' - were built by Ernie Warwick. Some of my paintings can be seen on the wall...
  14. Eilean Leòdhais at Ullapool

    Isle of Lewis at her berth in Ullapool
  15. MVs 'Claymore' (1955) and 'Isle of Lewis' (1995)

    This photograph of two of my models having a rest in the test-tank was taken by Cameron Shaw, Glasgow. The model of the 'Lewis' (1/96) was built by Ernie Warwick, and has all the mod cons, including a bow thruster, and 4-channel radio control, giving optimum steering. The 'Claymore' is 1/48...
  16. MV Isle of Lewis

    This shows Ernie Warwick's splendid 1/96 model of the 'Isle of Lewis' on its first trial run! It performed superbly, sitting perfectly on its marks without ballast other than its two 380 electric motors, controller and servo, and a six volt battery. Following a few minor adjustments to motors...
  17. Lemreway to Eilean Iubhard

    Looking South from Lemreway in the Isle of Lewis, to Eilean Iubhard over the North Kyles, at the east end of Loch Sealg
  18. Isle of Lewis

    The vehicle and passenger ferry MV Isle of Lewis lies alongside the ferry terminal in Ullapool.
  19. Isle Of Lewis

    Isle Of Lewis at Ullapool 11/04/2007 IMO number : 9085974 Name of ship : ISLE OF LEWIS Call Sign : MVNP4 Gross tonnage : 6753 Type of ship : Passenger/Ro-Ro Cargo Ship Year of build : 1995 Flag : United Kingdom
  20. Isle_of_Lewis_Swansea_67_peter_glenn

    Isle of Lewis Pict.taken by Peter Glenn Aug.67 in Swansea
1-20 of 21 Results