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isle of sark
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  1. Isle of Sark

    British Railways Passing Queen Mary in Southampton Water
  2. Isle of Sark

    Approaching the entrance to the Outer Dock at Southampton
  3. Isle of Sark

    Isle of Sark at St Peter Port 1937-9 Thanks to member eddyw for details.
  4. Isle of Sark

    British Railways service from Southampton to the Channel Islands. 2,211 gross tons, built by Denny, Dumbarton in 1932 with Maierform bow and early application of stabilisers
  5. Isle of Sark

    Seen from the Promenade Deck of Royal Mail Line's Alcantara the Isle of Sark makes a fine sight as she arrives at Southampton
  6. Isle of Sark

    ISLE OF SARK 1932 2211 tgr S.Rly b/t Wm Denny/Dumbarton B/up Ghent 7-4-61. From an original with full copyright 1930's.
  7. Isle of Sark

    Postcard again from Father in Laws pile ... Isle of Sark Southampton to Channel Islands, presumably Southern Railways? Barnsey
1-7 of 7 Results