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  1. Italia Line=GIULIO CESARE

    Italia Line=GIULIO CESARE

    Italia Line passenger liner seen here arriving Buenos Aires in 1961 (taken from 'Amberton'). Unfortunately did not note name and details, but was on the run Italy/Argentina. If/when someone can identify here, should I resubmit the photo to the correct category? Pleased to hear with thanks in advan
  2. Michelangelo at Palermo 1970

    Michelangelo at Palermo 1970

    Shipyard :Genoa,Ansaldo 1965.Gross Tonnage 45911-d.w.t. 9192.-Length o.a. meter 275,81, Breadth o.a.meter 30,98 - 4 twin-screw geared turbines;4 boilers at 55 Kgs;3 B.P.generatotors; 2 propellers; Output : 65,000 H.P.; Speed : 26,5 knots - Cargo capacity cubic meter 1,734 ; Passegers No.1,775 ; Cre
  3. Italia di Navigazione -Genova

    Italia di Navigazione -Genova

    Menu for meeting Tourist Agents of the central-south and Sicily of Italy.
  4. Italia di Navigazione-Genova

    Italia di Navigazione-Genova

  5. Menu - First Class

    Menu - First Class

    Menu - First Class - Italian Line - Genoa


    Containership- "Americana" 1975