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  1. Empress of Britain & Conte De Savoia

    Another Percy Loomis Speer shot taken on 15 May, 1935, this time showing the Empress of Britain, and Conte De Savoia departing New York under some rather cloudy skies. Speer took his pictures between the years 1929 and 1941, in all, he took about 45,000 images, which is quite impressive, especially
  2. Luxury Liner Row

    This view of liners at New York was taken from a New York newspaper of the time. It shows Europa, Rex, Normandie, Georgic, and Berengaria all tied up at the piers in the summer of 1937. Only one of these ships would survive WW2 unscathed, and one would be sitting in a scrapyard, being demolished w
  3. Conti Di Savoia

    Very nice view of the Conti Di Savoia taken at her home port of Genoa, early in her career.
  4. Rex

    Here is a stern view of Italy’s Rex, also taken in Genoa, with the ship dressed overall. This ship IMO was one of the few that didn’t look as good photographed from the stern. It just seems odd that, with the exception of her funnels, her lifeboats were, for the most part, the tallest structures s
  5. Rex

    Nice shot of the Rex in her home port of Genoa during her brief reign as the Atlantic Champion in 1934.
  6. Conte Biancamano

    Italy’s Conte Biancamano is shown entering the Pacific Side of the Panama Canal in March, 1940. Italy was still neutral at this time, so the Italian Line sent the ship on cruises out of New York to a variety of different destinations, mainly in the South Atlantic. The ship wears her country’s flag
  7. Michelangelo

    Michelangelo alongside the Tilbury Landing Stage during her one and only cruise to northern Europe.
  8. Michelangelo

    Michelangelo alongside the Tilbury Landing Stage on 2 August 1974.

    A sun-drenched view towards GIULIO CESARE's bridge from the appropriately named 'Ponte Sole'. The pet kennels are just aft of the funnel.

    Beyond a brace of toy-like tugs, Italian Line's GIULIO CESARE lies directly in front of Naples' 13th-century Castel Nuovo, early on the morning of 25 March 1972.
  11. Lost icons

    The North Tower of the World Trade Center and RAFFAELLO's towering forward funnel are seen in this Lido Deck view, taken as the Italian liner headed downstream on the hot and humid afternoon of 28 July 1973.

    Italian Line's RAFFAELLO anchored off Cannes the afternoon of 9 August 1973; her first port of call after leaving Genoa the previous day on westbound voyage #89.
  13. Conte Biancamano

    Italy's Conte Biancamano of 1925, is shown nearing the Gaillard Cut while passing through the Panama Canal in March, 1940. The liner would be seized by the American Government a year later while docked in New York. She would become the US Transport Hermitage (AP-54), and as such would serve the Al
  14. Conte Di Savoia

    Here is another view of the Conte Di Savoia at an undisclosed location dated 1938 on the back of the photo. There are plenty of awning spars set up in both the liners’ well deck, and on the forward end of the superstructure itself, although no canvas is mounted on any of them. That fact, as well a
  15. Conte Di Savoia

    The lovely Conte Di Savoia is seen at her home port of Genoa, Italy in 1937. She was the first liner to have anti rolling gyroscopes fitted into her design. They were intended to end heavy rolling at sea. However, through their operation, it was discovered that they actually pronounced steep roll
  16. Rex and Aquitania

    The Italian Liner Rex is shown coming back down the Hudson River after turning around upstream in preparation for her docking on September 16, 1939. The picture was taken from the second class promenade deck of the Aquitania, which had just arrived about an hour earlier. One has got to wonder what
  17. Aquitania and Rex

    The Aquitania and the Rex are seen together in New York in this image from September, 1939. Aquitania is already painted in a coat of wartime gray, while the Italian liner continued to sail on the Southern route between Italy and New York.
  18. Donizetti / Italian Line

    M.V Donizetti 13,000 Grt Two other ships in the same class Rossini & Verdi
  19. Cristoforo Colombo / Italian Line

    Cristoforo Colombo 29,500 Grt Speed: 23 Knots Length: 653 Feet Beam:86 Feet
  20. Augustus / Italian Line

    M.V Augustus 27,090 Grt
1-20 of 24 Results