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  1. Still Life on the shelf.

    Still Life on the shelf.

    Several marine titles on the lower shelf. On the top, a Dinky Toy JAGUAR E-Type 2+2 Reg Numbers UVR 77E 1967 Oil on panel, 8 x 10 inches, dated 2019


  3. SPURT


    The vessel was built in 1918 by Great Lakes Engineering Works, Michigan and bought in December 1929 from U.S. Shipping Board, Norfolk by Skibs A/S Lundegaard (Lundegaard & Sønner), Farsund as CRAINCREEK. GRT 2061. Renamed SPURT. September 1946 sold to Rederi A/B Horn Stockholm (Swedish flag) and ren
  4. Jaguar


    Unusual shaped vessel at Warrenpoint
  5. Jaguar


    The Dutch m/v JAGUAR, 65,10m/ 560gt/ 12,5kn; 10/11/1951 launched; 19/02/1952 completed by NV Boele's Scheepwerf & Maschine Fabrieke, Bolnes, as ARTABAN for W. in 't Veld, Rotterdam; 1952 CHEF DE CAUX, Cie Normande de Navigation a Vapeur, Le Havre; 08/1953 CHEF DE CAUX, Soc. D'Armenet Franco-Maroc, C
  6. Jaguar at Onehunga

    Jaguar at Onehunga

    Was surprised to see an almost conventional-looking coaster at Onehunga, Auckland recently. Jaguar Built: 1985 Nordsovaerftet, Ringkobing Tonnage: 1,044gt Owners: Black Robin Freighters(Leslie Shipping Ltd, Timaru)


    Sailing schooner, Jaguar. This was originally the middle-water trawler, ROSS JAGUAR of Grimsby. She was converted into a three masted sailing ship over a period of about ten years. This is what her hull looked like when she was hauled up the slip after all that time. She is now in the Pacific Steve
  8. Wave Ruler / Jaguar

    Wave Ruler / Jaguar

    Transferring drums of lub oil by jackstay from RFA Wave Ruler to HMS Jaguar off South Africa, November 1965.
  9. Jaguar


    Built and completed in December 1957 as a side trawler; so is this the original builders plate ? Any suggestions?
  10. Jaguar


    Good to see Grimsby on the stern...
  11. Jaguar


    Berthed at Las Palmas on 18/11/2005. Built as the side trawler " Ross Jaguar" in 1957 by Cochrane & Sons Ltd., Selby, England ( 1424). Converted to the Safety stand-by vessel " Cam Jaguar" in 1985 and latterly ( date unknown ) to this threemaster & owned by an Australian chap. What a history & goo
  12. Jaguar


    Snow in the middle of summer!!! No, but maybe someone dropped a few bags of Gypsum? Goole - 17th August 2005