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  1. Jalamatsya

    Scindia's Jalamatsya is seen at Newport Docks 14 October 1979. Built 1970 she was 9,564 gr tons and probably represented some of the last traditional cargo ships to be built. They had a certain style about them and were a common enough sight in many UK ports.
  2. Jalamatsya

    A Boilers on Deck type steamer is Scindia Steam Navigation Companys Jalamatsya seen arriving off Port Said. Grays seem to have been the main builder of this type in the UK and most were for Dene Shipping Company Limited, the Jalamatsya having begun life at Grays in 1951 as the Exdene. Sold to...
  3. Jalamatsya

    Scindia Line's "Jalamatsya" off Port Said. One of the 'boilers on deck' type she was built by Wm Gray as the "Exdene" in 1951.
1-3 of 3 Results