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  1. James Paterson

    James Paterson Williamstown, Melbourne August 1963 (?)
  2. James Paterson

    James Paterson 2 South Wharf, Melbourne Early 1960s (?) Only a few berths upstream from where she was cut up not long afterwards. Yet another preservation tragedy!
  3. James Paterson

    James Paterson, Williamstown (Melbourne) Early 1960s (or thereabouts). Famous Melbourne tug for about 60 years
  4. James Paterson

    The James Paterson served the Port of Melbourne from 1903 until 1963. When finally paid off, she underwent work on deck and ws converted to a scallop dredger!!. ( In those days there was no bag limit on these lovely shellfish in Port Philip Bay ). Late, more extensive deck work was done on deck...
1-4 of 4 Results