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  1. El Sol Sale

    EL SOL SALE in Osaka, Japan, on 5 May 2016.
  2. Great Sunrise

    The ore carrier GREAT SUNRISE at Kobe in Japan on 5 May 2016.
  3. Oyariki Maru No.88 - Sakaiminato, Japan

    Sand carrier Oyariki Maru No.88 in Sakaiminato port, Japan.
  4. Tsubaki 2 off Hagi, Sea of Japan

    Hagi is a port on the Sea of Japan, not far from the southern tip of Korea. For ship details, see information below provided by Cranky.
  5. Sasebo Navy Base, Japan

    Four Japanese warships at the United States Fleet Activities Sasebo navy base on Kyushu, Japan. (L-R) DDG 177 Atago (Kongo Class), DDG 176 Chokai (Kongo Class), DD 104 Kirisame (Murasame Class) and DDH 182 Ise.
  6. Sasebo Navy Base, Japan

    United States Fleet Activities Sasebo navy base at Sasebo, on Kyushu, on 3 April 2018.
  7. Bangkok Bridge

    Bangkok Bridge had just sailed under Golden Gate Bridge and had the beautiful city of San Fransisco as backdrop, when this photo was taken.

    There is another aerial view photo of the same vessel available. The debris strewn Nanaehama Beach, off which the ocean going ferry Toya Maru capsized during Sunday night's typhoon “Marie”bringing death to more than 1,000 persons, including many Americans. The Shinsei Maru. another ship...
  9. Leaving Japan

    Tegelberg leaving Kobe (I think). Captain Rademaker. Per Gran's notes: Tegleberg is old (1938) but clean and beautiful just redecorated. Our room is larger than at home & has more drawer & cupboard space than we can use. 2 wash bowls & 3 medicine cabinets, 4 comfortable chairs...

    Who knows this vessel or can read the text?

    One of Daido fleet berth in Vitória down-town, possible delivery heavy equipment from Japan for new steel mill project in Brazil. By our fellows should be "KYUSHU MARU"
  12. Akane

    AKANE makes for the Tasman Bridge and outbound from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, for sea trials on Friday, 20 March 2015.
  13. Akane

    AKANE heading for sea trials off Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, on Friday, 20 March 2015.
  14. Akane

    AKANE, the latest Incat catamaran built for Japan's Sado Kisen, just after leaving the sheds at the Incat yards near Prince of Wales Bay, on the River Derwent, near Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, on Friday, 13 March 2015.
  15. Flintshire at Shimizu, Japan

    Anchored off Shimizu awaiting berth, with Mount Fuji in the background.
  16. Yokosuka

    The USCGC Matagorda leaves Fleet Activities Yokosuka on Christmas Eve, 1959. The LCM off the stern was our ship assist out of the harbor.
  17. Tokyo

    Tokyo, Japan, in 2005, with a couple of passenger vessels or ferries alongside one of the terminals.
  18. Shinkomaru

    The tanker SHINKOMARU in a port on the island of Shikoku in Japan in November 1999.
  19. Ashore in Japan

    MV North Breeze 1967. (l to r) The Mate,me, my bride to be and Fraser Stuart, Master.
  20. Maizuru

    Maizuru on the west coast of Japan. Photographed about 1967
1-20 of 32 Results