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  1. MV Spraynes

    MV Spraynes entering Longyabayan harbour,Spitsbergen, May 1980
  2. M/V BAYNES/GYUJ 1969/70

    Radio Room of M/V BAYNES/GYUJ JEBSENS of Norway. Marconi equipped (mainly) radio room. This was the Jebsens ship that had a collision in Rotterdam end of January 1970 where a Norwegian tanker ROSS BAY, her steering gear broke down on river MAAS channel and steamed into us causing a 183 foot...
  3. Jebsens UK Fleet 1978

    Jebsens uk fleet circa 1978
  4. Jebsens,Vancouver

    English longshoreman,George(Stornoway),????,De Boone(Barra),Eddie Glennie(Stornoway) in Eddies house,Vancouver.Eddie searched the auction houses of North America for nautical artefacts.Early eighties. George and De Boone were visiting from a Jebsens vessel.
  5. Jebsens,Vancouver.

    De Boone(Barra),Eddie Glennie and George Duncan(Stornoway).At eddies house Vancouver early eighties.
  6. Jebsens,Vancouver.

    Eddie Glennie and George d. Macleod . George visiting the Famous Eddie in the early eighties,Vancouver. George was a Jebsens man.
  7. Enterprise

    Jebsens Enterprise at the Western Basin, Newcastle, NSW., November, 2006. Only a stones throw to the Seven Seas Hotel.
  8. Enterprise

    Jebsens Enterprise enroute Adelaide to Newcastle November 2006
1-8 of 8 Results