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  1. Jervis Bay

    Aberdeen & Commonwealth Line Painting attributed to Maltese artist Vincenzo D'Esposito
  2. JERVIS BAY - delays

    JERVIS BAY was the only member of this class for OCL to be British built, the contract going to Upper Clyde Shipbuilders at the Govan yard. She was plagued with delays and unfortunately ensured that the Clyde missed out on orders for these ships. This is a press cutting from February 1969.
  3. JERVIS BAY launch

    Her eventual launch but further delays were to ensue during fitting out. The Upper Clyde Shipbuilders' crisis of the time did not help matters either.
  4. JERVIS BAY- beating a deadline

    From the Glasgow DAILY RECORD of 26 April 1970 recording her departure for trials and handing over. Ironically two of the German built members, DISCOVERY and MORETON BAYS were re-engined at Govan in 1980/81.
  5. Jervis Bay

    Nice to find a good postcard of this special ship and crew. Jervis Bay (pronounced Jarvis, not Jervis) Built: 1922 Vickers Ltd, Barrow Tonnage: 13,839grt 1928: Sold to White Star Line along with sister-ships 1933: To Aberdeen and Commonwealth Line 1939: Fitted out as Armed Merchant...
  6. Jervis Bay

    IDNo: 27468 Year: 1992 Flag: GBR Tons: 50350 Builder: Ishikawajima-Harima Location of yard: Kure , Japan
  7. Jervis Bay

    Jervis Bay Memorial Saint John New Brunswick Canada
1-7 of 7 Results