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  1. Jutta Dan

    S/S JUTTA DAN Delivered from Helsingør Værft No. 218 ( Elsinore Yard DK) 1934 1549 BRT 2700TDW 1250 IHP 1956 Olav Asbjørn 1961 ELVIRA 1968 Stranded 14`04 N 42`44 E. Entered service again as NABILAH 197? ARWI 1973 sank as in Egypt in the Egypt/Istraeli war with part load of cement.
  2. Egyptian Reefer

    Egyptian Reefer arriving Auckland c.1950's Egyptian Reefer Built: 1936 Odense Staalskibs, Odense, Denmark Tonnage: 3,159grt Owners: J.Lauritzen 1935: Ordered by Cie. Coloniale de Navigation SA, Paris 1936: Launched and named 'Francine'. Due to exchange restrictions the contract was taken...
1-2 of 2 Results