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  1. Junk Kowloon anchorage 1964

    With original auxilliary power ! Background Hong Kong
  2. Lorcha off Penang Island

    From a faded 1968 slide
  3. Aqualuna

    'Cheung Po Tsai' is the Aqua Luna junk hand built for the Aqua Restaurant Group using traditional shipbuilding methods over an 18 month period by a local craftsman supervised by a veteran 73 year old shipbuilder. The junk with its distinctive red sails is named after the Cheung Chau Island...
  4. Junks taken from Barcelona approaching Hong Kong

    Junks taken from Barcelona approaching Hong Kong
  5. Sailing Junk

    An original sailing junk phtographed in Lei Yue Mun Pass in 1971. Not sure if this is the right category by a nice photo to share with old Far East hands.
  6. Junk

    Chinese cargo junk n Hong Kong Harbour, late 1960's.
1-6 of 6 Results