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  1. Port Askaig, Islay

    Post Askaig, Islay. Change here for Jura Ferry.
  2. Jura

    Jura - Leith
  3. Jura

    Dutch m/v JURA, lmo 5126586/ 37,61m/ 197gt/ 8,5kn; 07/01/1936 completed by de Gideon Koster Scheepswerf. Groningen, for Jurjen Swiers, Groningen, mgrs Freight Express Ltd, London;1939 JURA, Jurjen Swiers, mgrs Carebeka NV, Groningen;10/05/1940 JURA, in Terneuzen, left for Hansweert to pick up...
  4. JURA

    Coming in the south entrance of the Lerwick harbour this afternoon
  5. Jura

    Jura - Leith
  6. jura

    flugga few weeks ago
  7. jura

    at flugga
  8. Eilean Dhura at Port Askaig, Islay

    Eilean Dhura taking a breather before fighting the tides streaming through the Sound.
  9. Islay-Jura Ferry

    Eilean Dhura, Argyll & Bute's ferry from Port Askaig (Islay) to Jura. This little ship fights tooth and nail to stem the tide which rampages through the Sound of Jura.
  10. JURA

    GLASGOW 07
  11. JURA

  12. Jura

    First vist to Kirkwall of the Jura 30.3.06
  13. JURA

    Progress on the new Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency/s new Fishery Protection vessel completing at Port Glasgow by Ferguson Shipbuilders. A sister ship controversially is to be Polish built.
1-13 of 13 Results