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    The Danish hospital ship JUTLANDIA, chartered to the United Nations, arrived in September 1951 with injured soldiers from the Korean war. The vessel would stay in Rotterdam for a couple of weeks for repairs and maintenance at the RDM yard. Here she is towed to one of the docks.
  2. Jutlandia

    East Asiatic's Jutlandia arrives at Europoort in 1993. Built 1973 she was 49,890 gr tons.
  3. Jutlandia

    East Asiatic Co cargo/passenger vessel with Maierform bow
  4. Jutlandia

    arriving Rotterdam
  5. Hospital Ship Jutlandia

    Small 7" x 5" W/C sketch of the Danish Hospital Ship Jutlandia, from the Korean War. Jim

    Pioneering vessel for the East Asiatic Company being the first ocean going motorship to be built in Britain. She was completed in 1912 by Barclay Curle at Whiteinch in Glasgow being powered by a 2500hp Burmeister and Wain diesel. As DAN she grounded in December 1937 and was towed to Grays for...
  7. Jutlandia

    Danish pass/cargo liner JUTLANDIA (2), 140,21m/ 8.457gt/ 15kn/ 69 pax/ crew 70 including a doctor; 11/1934 completed by Nakskov Skibsvaerft, Nakskov, for The East Asiatic Co., Ltd., Copenhagen; 1940 due shortage of diesel oil, the Germans did not seize her. Instead she was laid up at Slote...
1-7 of 7 Results