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  1. A Kaiser liner in Egypt

    It was at this time Captain Heydrich began to suspect his charts might be a wee bit off....

    KAISER WILHELM II was a German Blue Riband passenger liner for service on the North Atlantic route. The Kaiser Wilhelm II (19,361 GRT/6353 NET) was launched on 12 Aug 1902 by the Stettiner Maschinenbau A.G., Vulcan, Stettin-Bredow, yard number 250, and completed on 30 March 1903 for...
  3. Kaiser Wilhelm II

    Member Reklaw had this comment to another picture of the ship: The third of the Norddeutscher Lloyd (NDL) 4 funnelers was launched on August 12, 1902 at the Vulkan yards. Her overall length being 706 ft with a beam of 72 ft and GRT of 19,361. She was interned in the USA in WW1 until America...
  4. Linienschiffe, Kiel Canal --KAISER FRIEDRICH II

    This picture is from an old postcard, it says that the Line ship is passing through the locks on the Kaiser Wilhelm Kanal (Kiel Canal) at Holtenau. The ships name is not mentioned, Does anybody out there recognize the ship? No other information. Frank
1-5 of 5 Results