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  1. FN 234 Canopus

    FN 234 Canopus

    This is danish twinrig prawntrawler FN 234 Canopus in Skagen late afternoon the 10th october 2007. Last year she had her stem rebuild with a bulbous bow to make her go better in the sea. In january 2009 she will be replaced by a newbuilding from Karstensen..same hull as the new PD 96
  2. HG 267 "Strømegg"

    HG 267 "Strømegg"

    This is newbuilding HG 267 Strømegg of Hirtshals. A new pelagic vessel soon ready to be delivered from Karstensen Shipyard in Skagen
  3. INS 179 "Apollo"

    INS 179 "Apollo"

    "Apollo" in Peterhead the 22nd April 2007...ready for a paint.
  4. LK 57 "Alison Kay"

    LK 57 "Alison Kay"

    The "Alison Kay" at the outfitting quay at Karstensen Shipyard in Skagen (DK)