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  1. IJNS Kashima 1906

    watercolour 30inx22inshowing the Japanese Battleship Kashima leaving the Elswick works of Armstrong Whitworth 1906

    Japanese training ship passing Tilbury on the 31st July 2016 on a visit to London
  3. JDS Kashima

    JDS Kashima departing Portsmouth Harbour (UK) on 28th July, 2008. Leading tug Bustler with Thrax assisting astern. Preserved HM Dockyard ferry in foreground.
  4. JDS Kashima

    Scottish gentleman playing the bagpipes at JDS Kashima on her deperture from Portsmouth today. Could this be taken as some form of reprisal for their misdeeds in WW2 ?
  5. Kashima arrives Wellington, NZ

    Imperial Japanese Navy visit
  6. Kashima

1-9 of 9 Results