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  1. Katendrecht

    Old lady of Dutch Company Van Ommeren
  2. Katendrecht

    One of a kind frighter owned by Dutch Company Van Ommeren. She is the later Cabo Santa Ana of the Spanish Company Ybarra.
  3. Katendrecht

  4. Katendrecht

    Dutch company Van Ommeren B 1961 Schiedam BU 1988 Alang
  5. Katendrecht

    Took this picture in 1973 somewhere in the Red Sea, on board of the Dutch Ms Katendrecht. The funny figure seen is sailor Hermo from spain. So long ago, hope he's still fine thes days. Best regards to everybody.
  6. Katendrecht

    Dutch cargoliner Katendrecht. Comp.Phs van Ommeren, Aden 1973.
  7. Katendrecht

    Me in 1973 at Aqaba, Jordan, on the Dutch Ms Katendrecht. Best regards to everybody.
  8. Katendrecht

    Assab, Ethiopia. 1973
  9. Katendrecht

    The 1961 built Ms Katendrecht in the Red Sea 1973.
  10. Katendrecht

    The MS Katendrecht Of the Dutch company Phs Van Ommeren handling cargo in a Red Sea port 1973. Nice temperatures.
  11. Katendrecht

    Djeddah, Saudi Arabia 1973. Me on the upperdeck of the MS Katendrecht. It's only 36 years ago ?! Have a nice Christmas everybody.
  12. Katendrecht

    Company Phs van Ommeren. Rotterdam, Holland.
  13. Katendrecht

    South Africa 1970's
  14. Katendrecht

    Sparepropeller of the 1961 built Katendrecht. Dutch company Van Ommeren. Picture 1974.
  15. Katendrecht

    Upkeeping the port-side lifeboat. Indian Ocean 1974. Nice trips I had on this ship.
  16. Katendrecht

    Ms Katendrecht at Assab, Ethiopia, 1973. Company Phs Van Ommeren, Holland.
  17. Katendrecht

    Ms Katendrecht at anchor Aden, South Jemen. Juli 1973.
  18. Katendrecht

    Cooksmate D.Hilberink (sailagain) at Aqaba, Jordan 1973, in front of Phs van Ommeren's Ms Katendrecht. She's the later Cabo Santa Ana of the Spanish companie Ybarra.
  19. Katendrecht

    Ms Katendrecht ( Phs van Ommeren, Holland ) at Assab, Eritrea, 1973. Vieuw months later she was sold to the Spanish companie Ybarra and renamed Cabo Santa Ana.
  20. Katendrecht

    Arriving at Liverpool 1973
1-20 of 22 Results