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  1. mv New Dragon

    mv New Dragon ex Katsina Palm. Built for Palm Line in 1957 and sold to Nan Chiao Shipping of Singapore in 1978 and renamed New Dragon. Pictured here from mv Crest Hill at Bandar Abbas anchorage in May 1984, New Dragon was departing having been at anchor there for a very long time, approx one...
  2. Katsina Palm

    Photo caption reads: 'M.V.Katsina Palm on trials, 4th December 1957.' Katsina Palm Built: 1957 Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson Tonnage: 8,734grt Owners: Palm Line Ltd 1978: New Dragon 1984: Broken up Shanghai.
  3. Katsina Palm

    Picture taken by me some 34 years ago, at Sawmill Creek Sapele Nigeria.Smokoe Time. Capt George Holyman in Command,Paul Coombs C/O
  4. Katsina Palm

    to be updated
  5. Katsina Palm

    Built 1957
1-5 of 5 Results