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  1. Kenya Castle

    Union Castle Line Deck Sports during a voyage to the Canary Islands in November 1963
  2. Amerikanis in Genoa

    Amerikanis in Genoa on 10th September 1977, photographed from on board Vistafjord.
  3. Amerikanis

    Amerikanis berthed in Stavanger, Norway in 1994. She looks pristine but she has only two more years to go. She used to be the Kenya Castle built in 1952. The blue hull to the right belongs to Color Line's Venus.
  4. Kenya Castle

    Union Castle Line - 1952 built intermediate calling at a Canary Island port, probably Las Palmas, Gran Canaria She was of 17,041 tons gross, 576 foot long x 74 foot beam and in 1967 she became Chandris Line's Amerikanis
  5. Kenya Castle

    Union Castle Line's Kenya Castle off Cape Town
  6. Kenya Castle

    At Mombasa, 1965.
1-7 of 7 Results