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  1. Kenya and Uganda

    These two fine ships together for the last time in Tilbury on saturday 7th June 1969 before Kenya sold and scrapped in Italy.
  2. BI's Kenya

    In original black.
  3. British India's Kenya

    Next stop East Africa via Cape Town.
  4. British India's Kenya

    Ship being pulled by tugs to face down river.
  5. Britih India's Kenya

    Turning to face down river for voyage to East Africa.
  6. British India's Kenya

    Kenya just pulled out of the locks in KGV dock London on way to East Africa.
  7. British India's Kenya

    Kenya leaving London on a grey and overcast evening in late 1960's for East Africa.
  8. Kenya, BISNCo. East Africa service

    Kenya at the loading berth RAD in the late sixties just a voyage or to before being scraped.
  9. Kenya UK/East Africa service,BISNCo.

    Kenya at the loading berth Royal Albert Dock London.
  10. KENYA

    Thames 1950's/1960's Jorgen Lonn negative-photographer unknown
  11. VE 422 Kenya - new vessel for Orkney

    This former danish trawler built in 1948 has been sold to Orkney, where she will retire as a pleasure craft. She's expected to leave Denmark next week.
  12. Kenya

    1951 14434 grt 540 ft 71 ft 16 kts
  13. Kenya

    KENYA 1951 14464 tgr British India Line
1-15 of 15 Results