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kiel canal
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  1. Kiel Canal, Rendsburg2.jpg

    Coaster "Nordstern" loaded with timber, transits the Kiel Canal, Rendsburg, early August 1958.

    Back in 1962 I received this postcard from a good friend. Who knows the name of the vessel? I feel she has a short name (3-4 characters).
  3. Kiel Canal

    An old photo of the Kiel Canal with a Polish Ocean Lines passenger ship passing through. Possibly the Pulaski or Kosciuszko

    IKAN BAYAN in Kiel canal on 17/06/2011.
  5. Kiel canal

    Kiel canal
  6. Aachen

    In transit taking part in the largest NATO amphibian exercise since '45. Aachen, Kiel canal, c. 1960 Still more or less in original war time mode and before funnels fitted. Still at that time required to follow the NEMEDRI path through the old minefields off the German and Danish coasts
  7. Bi Jiang

    my father took this photo in the early 80`s at the Kiel Canal.

    KIEL CANAL – Transiting this canal in Germany saved us about a days steaming, it joins the North Sea to the Baltic Sea. Pic taken from Ibadan Palm ………………… April 1965
  9. a convoy

    a shipspotters day in the kiel canal westbound to Brunsbüttel lock
  10. Linienschiffe, Kiel Canal --KAISER FRIEDRICH II

    This picture is from an old postcard, it says that the Line ship is passing through the locks on the Kaiser Wilhelm Kanal (Kiel Canal) at Holtenau. The ships name is not mentioned, Does anybody out there recognize the ship? No other information. Frank
  11. Maxim Gorkiy

    Cruise Ship Maxim Gorkiy, now homebased at the Bahamas passing Kiel Canal in September 2003 accompanied by tug Kitzeberg from Kiel
  12. Kiel Canal Ferry

    They call this kind of vessel also 'ship'. But it will be my last.
1-13 of 13 Results