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  1. Schotsman


    Sister ship of Kielder, Independent, Swan Diana. One of the previous names; Unobulk. She was converted to dredger and can be seen often at Steenbank area.
  2. Kielder & Independent

    Kielder & Independent

    Both sailed from Rotterdam, Kielder for Ipswich, Independent for Shoreham
  3. Silver Sand (ex Kielder)

    Silver Sand (ex Kielder)

    Silver Sand (ex Kielder) still in Blyth but she belongs to Capri Shipping, Italian owner. She has sailed from Blyth for Napoli on 06/07/2009. I took her out for my last voyage with her. We had a very good passage, lovely weather and we arrived to Napoli on 16/07/2009 afternoon.
  4. Kielder


    Norwegian Fjords
  5. Medway Ports - Swale River

    Medway Ports - Swale River

    Kingsferry Bridge
  6. James Bond

    James Bond

    Boarding the ship
  7. Moon Landing

    Moon Landing

    As seen from mobile Kielder Space Centre on 21-01-2008 from Margate Road
  8. Vlaaringen - Rotterdam

    Vlaaringen - Rotterdam

    Busy Vlaaringen Harbour on 24-11-2008. Albertus F is backing to the river.
  9. Margate


    Kielder on Margate Road on 21-01-2009
  10. Ridham Dock

    Ridham Dock

    Elbia berthing in front of the Kielder on 18-01-2009
  11. Ridham Dock

    Ridham Dock

    17-01-2009 Kielder in Ridham Dock waiting for cargo to be discharged by shore cranes.
  12. Antwerp


    Schelde River, Kielder on the way to Antwerp
  13. Raynes Jetty

    Raynes Jetty

    Kielder berthing at Raynes Jetty
  14. Seaham


    May 2005. I have been waiting for Kielder few days. She couldn't get in due to swell at the entrance.
  15. Stone


    All previous attempts to remove stone fail. Crowbar was our last chance
  16. Kielder at sea

    Kielder at sea

    Few frames from just one wave story. Kielder on passage to Aviles - Feb 2007
  17. Kielder at sea

    Kielder at sea

    Biscay storm
  18. Kielder at sea

    Kielder at sea

    Same story, few more frames
  19. Kielder at sea

    Kielder at sea

    Few more frames from passage to Aviles Feb 2007
  20. Kielder


    Main Engine Maker Wartsila kW 1420