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  1. King George V

    David MacBrayne,s King George V and Lochbroom berthed in the East India Harbour, Greenock with a Hebrides Class in the drydock.


    Toothless battleship
  4. KING GEORGE V approaching Fort William (2)

    The colours of my earlier image are too dark relative to the original painting. At the risk of boring you with duplication, I am reposting the image.
  5. KING GEORGE V approaching Fort William

    On this auspicious day, I too salute royalty with this quick 'splash' of David MacBrayne Ltd's famous turbine steamer, 'King George V', built by Wm Denny in 1926. If she were still sailing, she would be 90 this year. Her last sailings in Hebridean waters were in 1974. Although she is...
  6. King George V

    David McBrayne Disembarking passengers at an unidentified location probably in the 1950's
  7. TSS King George V of 1926

    Drawing showing engine room as built with H.P. turbine.
  8. TSS King George V of 1926

    Drawing showing engine room as built with H.P. turbine.
  9. Three generations of Hebridean ships

    The three ships are 'Hebridean Isles' (1985-present), 'Claymore' (1955-76, later 'City of Hydra', 1976-2000) and 'King George V' (1926-74).
  10. King George v at Vickers Armstrong (Tyne)

    Watercolour showing Hms King George V nearing completion at Vickers Armstrong (Tyne) yard
  11. 'King George V' (2)

    This must represent the 'KGV' coming into Oban Bay at the end of the excursion to Fort William or round Mull to Iona! I like to think (delude myself?) that this representation catches a little of the stately grandeur of the real ship - if that's not too pompous a claim to make on the basis of...
  12. 'King George V' (1)

    My model of the 'KGV' is shown as she opens the summer season on the Union Canal on 30th April. This reminds me of the 'good old days' when the 'King George' used to speed down Loch Linnhe to Oban.
  13. King George V

    KING GEORGE V with CLAYMORE on the pier at Oban

    King George V and the Loch Fyne in background cant make out where photo was taken

    MacBraynes King George V landing passengers at Iona.
  16. TS 'King George V' making waves!

    This shot was taken just after I had put the engines astern to stop forward way....Otherwise, the model would have reached Linlithgow! It is very, very fast indeed, and requires only half of the available power to go well over scale speed. That, I think, is in the nature of the design. As it...
  17. TS 'King George V' seen from stern

    This will give a good idea of the model's trim and also the shape of the stern, which was a challenge to build.
  18. 'King George V' sails again!

    My 55-inch model of the 'King George V' took its maiden voyage(s) on Saturday 5th May. Stability etc. was perfect - absolutely no problems, and, as you can see, the model can be trimmed to sit just below the white waterline. Very, very realistic - at least to me! Thanks again, Sandy...
  19. 'King George V' at Railway Pier, Oban!

    Or is it? On second thoughts, it could be the jetty on the Union Canal, Falkirk, when I was sailing the model on Saturday afternoon! I am delighted with the overall performance. The model is very easy to control, and very fast in the water - not surprisingly.
  20. 'King George V' model afloat

    My model of the 'King George' is just about finished - it's always 'just about' with a model, and it depends on your definition of 'finished'! Anyway, it passed its sailing tests on Saturday with the MacBrayne pennant flying proudly from the mainmast! What better pennant? I had no problems...
1-20 of 37 Results