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  1. Kingswood

    Kingswood was built by Northumberland Shipbuilding Co (1927) Ltd, Howden and delivered in 1929 to Joseph Constantine Steamship Line Ltd, Middlesbrough. The photo is courtesy of Richard Cox. For further details see Tyne Built Ships website
  2. Kingswood Boiler Explosion

    Photo shows one of Kingswood's Scotch Boilers secured in No 1 hold of the ship in readiness for ship being towed from Port Pirie to the Tyne. A tow that took from 27th April 1937 until 14th September. The boiler had exploded in the engine room and travelled some 164 feet through No 2 and No1...
  3. Kingswood Boiler Explosion

    Additional photo to one already posted of damage sustained by boiler explosion on Constantine's Kingswood at Port Pirie on 3rd January 1937
  4. SS Kingswood

    thats the aux boiler after going through three bulkheads and traveling 163 feet throught the cargo holds
1-4 of 4 Results