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  1. Kiperousa aground (9)

    Falling apart at the seams, following collapse of the hull on the port side.
  2. Kiperousa aground (8)

    Port side hull failure after the storm.
  3. Kiperousa aground (7)

    Stormy weather, as seen from the bridge wing!
  4. Kiperousa aground (6)

    Damage caused to the ship by a storm which struck the coast. Many logs were washed overboard and later a 9 year old girl was seriously injured on a beach by a log which rolled in from the sea. Note the cut down mast and furniture on the monkey island.
  5. Kiperousa aground (5)

    Unloading the deck cargo and some holds onto barges progresses.
  6. Kiperousa aground (4)

    Commuting to work - salvor style. Is this the shortest strop drop on record ? The mainmast & everything above monkey island level had been cut down to facilitate the choppers movements.
  7. Kiperousa aground (3)

    A giant Russian helicopter was chartered to lift the 25m long logs from the ship ( loaded with 6,000 of them ) and land them ashore. Also two barges were utilised from East London but the weather and shallow water depth hampered this.
  8. Kiperousa aground (2)

    10/06/2005 : aground with engine room flooded, still fully loaded and looking in good shape with calm weather. This was not to last though. The first chopper(s) start to deliver salvage men and equipment on board. The Russian built chopper in this shot is being used to carry deck logs ashore.
  9. Kiperousa aground

    On Tuesday 7 June 2005, the 25 375 ton dwt. log-carrier 'Kiperousa' ran aground near Keiskamma Point, East London, South Africa on a voyage from Gabon to the Far East. She was headed for Durban to take on bunkers.Despite attempts to salve the ship the weather had other plans . Some of the 25m...
1-9 of 9 Results