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  1. FV Susan Bird FD 357

    FV Susan Bird FD 357 towing for Scallops May 07
  2. FV Aquinis BA 500

    FV Aquinis BA 500 towing for Scallops may 07
  3. FV Aquinis

    Scallop boat Aquinis may 07
  4. St Amant

    leaving Kirkcudbright harbour February 07
  5. King Challenger BA 87

    King Challenger BA 87 in Kirkcudbright harbour on the 05/03/06
  6. Argosy BA 804

    Checking the gear whilst steaming home aboard the Argosy BA 804
  7. Susan Bird

    Scalloper Susan Bird leaving Kirkcudbright harbour February 2007
  8. Argosy BA 804

    Getting the Scallops down the hopper ready to be bagged up.
  9. Aquinis BA 500

    Aquinis BA 500 February 2007 towing off Chicken rock
  10. Susan Bird FD 357

    Susan Bird FD 357 leaving Kirkcudbright harbour February 2007
  11. Argosy BA 804

    Argosy BA 804 at high tide in Kirkcudbright harbour February 2007.
  12. Kirkcudbright Harbour

    Fvs Aquinis and Argosy alongside on Sunday 11 Feb 07
  13. Ala at Kirkcudbright Quay

    MV Ala berthing on the quay in Summer of 2002 with a cargo of timber from Estonia. - Customs launch in foreground.
  14. Kirkcudbright Harbour Approach

    MV Ala passing yacht pontoon to berth at quay.
  15. Unlucky for Some

    Rule No 1. When towing a dinghy, make sure it passes the same side of the buoy as the boat towing it! No 13 was torn from its flotation unit by a passing pleasure boat.
1-15 of 15 Results