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  1. Alfred

    Pentland Ferries new build Alfred at Kirkwall
  2. Cruise ships at Kirkwall today

    AIDAvita at anchor and MSC Splendida alongside Hatston (what romantic names modern cruise-ships have!). They were lucky with the weather; the last of the April showers didn't move in until evening, showing us the location of the legendary crock of gold.
  3. Queen Mother and King Olav of Norway kiss on the slipway

    During a visit to Orkney by HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, King Olav also briefly called by in his Royal Yacht Norge and charmingly greeted the Queen Mother on stepping ashore on the Corn Slip in Kirkwall harbour basin.
  4. Ruby Princess alongside Hatston

    Ruby Princess, Hatston, today.
  5. Cable-layer Rene Descartes

    At anchor today in Kirkwall Bay.
  6. Kirkwall 27 May 2013

    Fram alongside, and Pilot boat John Rae returning from shepherding another cruise ship out into the String.
  7. Lerwick Lifeboat

    17-10 and 17-13 at Kirkwall.
  8. Kirkwall

    A 1970s view of the Harbour.
  9. Helanda and Crombie

    2 very tidy fishing boats in Kirkwall harbour.
  10. K449 Lizzie

    Orkney Isles : Kirkwall. There`s gotta be a `story` about this, can someone `enlighten/inform` me regarding this please :o)
  11. Orkney Isles : Kirkwall Harbour. Name please ?

    Could someone tell me the name/info of this sailing yacht please ?
  12. Orkney Isles : Kirkwall Harbour. Name please ?

    Could someone tell me the name/info of this sailing yacht please ? :o)
  13. Jack-up barge Pauline & tug Stevns Ocean

    Pauline returns to Kirkwall pier from work site, 23 July 2010.
  14. Gann and Pauline

    Gann and jack-up barge Pauline alongside Kirkwall Pier, Orkney, 20 July 2010. Gann took over her name from her predecessor in 2007.
  15. Jack-up barge Pauline and tug Stevns Ocean

    At Kirkwall pier, Orkney, 5 July 2010.
  16. Seabourn Sojourn

    At anchor in Kirkwall Bay, Orkney, 7 July 2010. (I think the prominent sloping circular structure between the exhausts is the skylight of the 'Observation Bar'.)
  17. Ocean Countess

    Alongside Hatston, Kirkwall, Orkney, 15 May 2010. (Sorry about the photo quality; shot from a distance of one-and-a-quarter miles.)
  18. Silver Fjord

    Safe alongside in Kirkwall tonight after engine failure west of Orkney
1-20 of 35 Results