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  1. Tjisadane

    Funnel in Java China Java Lijn (JCJL) colours. Later to become KJCPL or Royal Interocean Lines in English
  2. Both

    Departing Brisbane despite boycoitt by Australian wharfies
  3. Houtman+unknown=unknown Harbour

    Ships in Far east harbour - Indonesia? in 1958(?)
  4. Straat Clarence

    Under Nedlloyd ownership
  5. Tjiwangi

  6. Straat Malakka

    In original KPM colours. In 1947 transferred to KJCPL (RIL) when "Buitelijnen" were combined with JCJL to make KJCPL
  7. Roggeveen

    In charter to KJCPL
  8. Straat lagos

    In charter to KJCPL
  9. Silondoeng

    In charter to KJCPL
  10. Ruys

    Ruys of Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij. Sisterships Tegelberg and Boissevain Named after founders of KPM In 1948 transferred to KJCPL
1-20 of 61 Results