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  1. Great Sunrise

    The ore carrier GREAT SUNRISE at Kobe in Japan on 5 May 2016.
  2. Japanese submarine

    Workers on the sail of a Japanese submarine under construction at Kobe, on Honshu, Japan.
  3. Taisei Maru

    4944 Taisei Maru, Kobe, Japan. 29042013
  4. Pacific Venus

    4935 Pacific Venus, Kobe, Japan. 29042013

    Kyokuyo Maru seen at Kobe 15th April 2013
  6. Kobe 1965

    A rather misty view of Kobe docks, August 1965, as seen from the arriving French ship LAOS. Although it doesn't show much I hope it evokes a few memories.
  7. Kobe, Japan

    The port of Kobe, Japan circa 1982.
  8. Kobe Harbour

    Photo taken from the Kobe Tower, Turakina 1964
  9. Kobe Bars

    Once again different characters.
  10. Kobe Bars

    Two of the ports watering holes of totally different character. Good old days when Y1000 = £1 !!
  11. Unknown

    1970 March`ish, yet again dock-yard in Kobe. Niarchos tanker name unknown
  12. Wada Maru

    Mid 1965 Mitsubishi Dock-Yard Kobe, tugs` name I think Wada Maru.
  13. MV Gedera

    Second photo of this vessel. Average daily scene busy area.
  14. MV Gedera

    Kobe dry-dock mid 1967, Zim Line vessel in for quick paint up. One of two pics of same vessel.
  15. ORONSAY, Kobe

    Oronsay in Kobe, Japan 1970/1???. This photo is from a postcard that was never posted. Frank
  16. Argentina Maru

    SS Argentina Maru, Osaka Shosen Kaisha (OSK) line which became Mitsu-OSK ,built 1958 10,864 gt,at Kobe 1967, in for a quick bottom scrape & paint.
  17. Kobe

    Oops you forgot half your ship. Just launched Yamaguchi Maru of NYK Kobe 1965, two sections joined up in drydock. I got the wrong vessel here see later pic for this ship of NYK.This was a tanker name unknown.
  18. Kobe

    Kobe 1965 maybe China Nav`s Anking/Anshun.
1-20 of 20 Results