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  1. Konui

    L to R: Tony Hawkins (deck boy) Burnie Pope (messman) Konui, circa 1962-63
  2. Konui

    Konui was in the Union Company fleet from 1949 to 1969
  3. Konui loading Gypsum at Stenhouse Bay

    USSCo. KONUI loading Gypsum at Stenhouse Bay, South Australia in 1968
  4. USSCo KONUI at Hobart

    Discharging paper products into lighters at Hobart 1968

    KONUI at HOBART in 1968
  6. Konui @ Stenhouse Bay

    USS Co. Collier "KONUI" on her annual trip to Australia. Here loading Gypsum at Stenhouse Bay S.A. for Westport, South Island, NZ in 1968
  7. Konui

    The collier "Konui" sailing from Lyttelton
1-7 of 7 Results