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  1. Kowloon, Hong Kong

    Kowloon, Hong Kong island from Tegelberg.
  2. In Kowloon Harbour

    Dangerous Goods Vessel in Kowloon Victoria Harbour. Possibly Gas or Oil carrier
  3. Junk Kowloon anchorage 1964

    With original auxilliary power ! Background Hong Kong
  4. Kowloon

    Hong Kong Jockey Club......... you bet..plenty HK dolla :o) :o)
  5. Kowloon

    Temple Road `runs` alongside Nathan Road. Great `open air` markets and good honest to goodness cheap kinda place :o) The San Mig was cold and the waitresses `hot ` :o)
  6. Hung Hom, Kowloon, HK

    Linked to the adjacent railway station. Apparently, for the exclusive use of derrick barge traffic.
  7. Super Star Aquarius

    Taken during a Star Ferry crossing.
  8. Kowloon Bay

    Kowloon Bay on river Elbe 1991
  9. Tugs in Hong Kong

    Two tugs in Hong Kong in March 2010, the furtherest one is towing a reclaimation barge (offscreeen)
  10. Hong Kong 1965

    Taken from west Kowloon (probably Castle Peak Rd) looking due south to Stonecutters Island and Hong Kong, August 1965. It took me ages trying to locate this island on modern day maps until I discovered they had been joined to the mainland by land reclamation. Nothing stays the same for very...
  11. Hong Kong 1965

    Taken from the western side of Kowloon (probably Castle Peak Rd) and looking south east over Victoria Harbour to Hong Kong, August 1965. Stonecutters Island on the right. That river in the left foreground (or is it a harbour?) looks mighty congested.
  12. Diving Support Vessel in Hong Kong

    A diving support vessel in Hong Kong taken from the Star Ferry in March 2008
  13. Star Aquarius.

    Star Aquarius arrival at Kowloon, Hong Kong. She was in most days I was in Hong Kong and seemed to do night time trips.
  14. Nautica

    After 8.30pm sailing of Nautica from Kowloon, Hing Kong, March 2008.
  15. Jimei

    The Jimei seen at Kowloon, Hong Kong. I suspect she runs betwen mainland China and Hong Kong and arrived late in the afternoon
  16. Europa at Kowloon March 2008

    Hapag Lloyds Europa seen at the cruise terminal at Kowloon, Hong Hong. March 2008
  17. Kowloon Bay

    Kowloon Bay on river Elbe
1-17 of 17 Results