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  1. Lady Elizabeth

    Seen 1991 at Hull she was built 1981 by Cochrane & Sons Selby and was 285 gr tons.
  2. Lady Elizabeth

    Lady Elizabeth post wheelhouse extension and raising. Seen on the Fal with bone between her teeth, has now moved on any ideas to where?
  3. Lady Elizabeth

    On 4 December 1912, The Lady Elizabeth left Vancouver bound for Delagoa Bay Mozambique,[9] with a shipment of lumber. The ship encountered severe weather halfway through the voyage and was damaged just off Cape Horn. Four crew members were lost overboard, along with the ship's two boats and part...
  4. Lady Elizabeth

    Built by R Thorn in Sunderland 1879. Iron hulled barque.Wrecked in Port Stanley 1913. Alongside until 1936 when she broke her moorings and drifted to her present position. The Flotel on the right is now, I believe, the prison ship in Portland harbour. Perhaps Strawberry can confirm.
  5. Lady Elizabeth

    Wreck in Whalebone cove Nr Port StanleFalkland Islands
1-5 of 5 Results