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  1. Lady of Mann

    Outward bound in The Mersey in 1988 the IOMSP ferry is centre stage. Built 1976 she was 4,482 gr tons.
  2. Lady of Mann

    Isle of Man Steam Packet Liverpool-Douglas ferry photographed early 80's
  3. LADY of MANN

    Lady of Mann at the pier in Ponta Delgada, Azores, august 2005. She belongs to the Isles of Mann Steam Packet Co, but sailed for Acorlines that summer. Built in 1976 as side-loading car ferry.
  4. Land Ahoy!

    Lady of Mann swinging off the berth in Heysham
  5. Leaving of Liverpool

    Captain Steve Spenser on the sticks of Lady of Mann.
  6. Lady of Mann

    Langton Dock 2003
  7. Lady of Mann

    Langton Dock 2003
  8. LADY OF MANN 1995

    Ahoy, Card description as follow: Porto Santo Line Lady of Mann 1995-1995 4482 Tons The ferry Lady of Mann, operated under the Portuguese registry between Madeira and Porto Santo islands in 1995. Original painting by F.Lemos[1000 passengers-21knots-770dwt]
1-8 of 8 Results