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  1. Laid up

    The castle like building is the Seamen's school, or rather was - the building stands, but the few Norwegian seamen left are educated elsewhere. The ships are unknown
  2. LAID UP

    Observe the lonely tug stealing away one of the ships!
  3. LAID UP

    Who? What? Where? When? No names readable, apart from the nearest to the camera. Name ends on LBERFORCE or similar, home port most likely LONDON.
  4. Triumph

    Photographed at Chatham Navy Day on 28 May 1978, laid up and with dehumidification process in place hence all opening sealed to the atmosphere 1965 to 1972 : Operated as a Heavy Repair Ship- Major alterations were made and all facilities for operating fixed wing aircraft were removed. The...
  5. laid up in the 80`s

    laid up at Wilhelmshaven
  6. Laid up in Birkenhead

    Seniority, Superiority, Asperity, and Sarnia Liberty, lying in the West end of Vittoria Dock, Birkenhead 29/6/09
  7. Cunard Reefers

    Cunard Reefers laid up in Vittoria Dock, Birkenhead, late 1980s
  8. River Fal Nov 1979

    2 X Port Line and 1 unidentified ship laid up in the River Fal Nov 1979
  9. Paladin

    In this pic shows of how a vessel can be laid up ,with out showing any signs of mothballing. But the give away sign is of the WHITE mark on the water line of her bows. If she by any chance she took in water ,the white mark would be submerged. This was quite a talking point at a reunion i...
1-10 of 10 Results