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lake constance
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    Koenig Wilhelm sailing on the Bodensee (Lake Constance). She was built in 1901 and broken up in 1940.

    A very nice view on the harbour of Romanshorn (Bodensee = Lake Constance). In the foreground one of the famous propulsion-less boats carrying 8 rail wagons, in the background left "St. Gotthart" (1897-1944) and right "Christoph" (1877-1920).
  3. Paddle steamer Bavaria

    The German side-wheel steamer Bavaria in the port of Lindau, Lake Constance. The saloon-steamer Bavaria (displ. 312 ts) was launched on June 21st, 1912 by J. A. Maffei, Munich and commissioned on Aug. 1st, 1912 for the Royal Bavarian Railways. Dimensions: 181¾ ft x 44¼ x 5 ft. Driven by a steam eng
1-3 of 3 Results