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  1. Maritime Family History Research
    Hi, my name is Gwenda and my grandfather worked for Lamport & Holt as a Master Mariner on the River Plate Steamship Company between Liverpool, New York, Mediterranean and Buenos Aires. He got his Masters Certificate in 1906. He was captain of ssTennyson, ss Verdi, ss Pascal and ss Murillo...
  2. DELAMBRE 1917

    1917, 7351grt Mitsubishi Zosen, Nagasaki (263), laid down as YONE MARU No.2 completed as WAR DAME for the Shipping Controller, U.K. 1919 DELAMBRE, Lamport & Holt Captured and sunk by the German auxiliary cruiser THOR on 7/7/1940 06.13S 25.06W, Rio Grande for U.K. via Freetown
1-2 of 2 Results