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  1. Langstone

    The Shaw Savill Langstone was previously Crusader Line's Saracen built at Valmet Helsinki. Seen at Newcastle Quay in 1972 and dating from 1958 she was 3,441 gr tons.
  2. Langstone

    Crusader Line ships were pretty infrequent visitors to the Tyne. The Langstone is at Mercantile Dry Docks Jarrow 29 Sept 1973. She was previously the Saracen, was from 1958 and was 3,441 gr tons.
  3. Langstone

    1958 built as "Saracen" for Crusader Line, a concern jointly owned by Blue Star, Port Line, NZSCo. and Shaw Savill. Shaw Savill being managers. 1972 transferred to Shaw Savill and renamed "Langstone". 1975 sold to Petries Cia. Nav. Piraeus and renammed "Dimitrios K.". 1
  4. LANGSTONE at St Lucia

    Shaw Savill's Langstone ex Saracen discharging general at Port Castries St Lucia in 1972. On charter to Geest - we went next to load bananas in Santa Marta, Colombia for Barry, South Wales.
  5. LANGSTONE at St Lucia

    Shaw Savill's LANGSTONE alongside in Port Castries, St Lucia, Chartered to Geest with general cargo out to West Indies and bananas back

    Shaw Savill's LANGSTONE (ex Crusader's Saracen) on passage Santa Marta Colombia to Barry UK with a full cargo of Geest bananas in October 1972. Punching into a North Atlantic gale.
1-6 of 6 Results