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  1. Launching SS Enoggera

    On 25th June 1920 HRH Edward the Prince of Wales, at the Walsh Island Dockyard, pulls the lever to launch ship No. 42 – SS Enoggera, under construction for the Commonwealth Government of Australia. Walsh Island State Dockyard & Engineering works - 1913 to 1933. The NSW State Government...

    OUR LADY PATRICIA – seen here being hoisted into the air over the River Derwent from Macquarie wharf No.4 during her crane launching ceremony in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia prior to shipping across to the UK. Pic taken ………….. 28/11/85

    OUR LADY PATRICIA – sitting on Macquarie wharf No.4 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia being prepared for crane launching, she is already in her new SeaLink livery. Pic taken ……………. 28/11/85
  4. Ship launching

    Gryfia Shipyard, 10-07-2004
  5. Launching at Wick

    Preperation being made to launch the Fisher Boy WK 152 over the quay.circa.1952
  6. Launching at Wick

    Mfv Golden Chance WK 22 with water running of her deck after being literally dumped of the quayside,Golden Chance was built 1954 by Alexander Wick
  7. HMS Ark Royal

    Ark Royal, EnteringThe river Mersey for the first time. Camel Lairds, Birkenhead. 3rd May 1950. Pic from Liverpool Evening News
  8. H.M.S. Ark Royal.

    Launched 13th April 1937. 22,000 Tons. Length 800ft. Beam 94.8ft. Draught 28ft. Speed 31 Knots. Crew 1,600. Commissioned. 16th Dec. 1938. Aircraft 60. Torpedoed 13th Nov 1941. Sank next day.
1-8 of 8 Results