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leander class frigate



    A Leander class frigate in a bit of a chop.
  2. Leander class frigate

    Leander class frigate

  3. Leander Class Frigate

    Leander Class Frigate

    This rather strange photo I found amongst the archive of Blackhall History Group. From the comments received it is clear she is a Leander Class Frigate but due to the poor quality of the photo her identity remains unknown.
  4. HMS Galatea

    HMS Galatea

    HMS Galatea.....Leander class frigate(ikara conversion) taken Venice early 80s
  5. HMS Achilles

    HMS Achilles

    HMS Achilles....Leander class frigate F12.....Taken Portsmouth early 80s
  6. HMS Apollo

    HMS Apollo

    F70, APOLLO paid off in the late 80s possibly the same time as this photo....taken at Portsmouth