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  1. Leicester

    LEICESTER link here to a fascinating exchange, I uploaded the photo on behalf of Stan at the time so it should be in his own gallery; I also photographed her as SERAFIN TOPIC here, though I had no idea
  2. Leicester

    LEICESTER see here for details;
  3. Leicester

    LEICESTER see here for details;
  4. Leicester

    LEICESTER 1944 7266 tgr Federal From "The Liberty Ships" ; The Federal S.N.Co's LEICESTER arriving in tow at Bermuda in October 1948. She had encountered an hurricane on the night of Sep 14-15 while on a voyage in ballast from Tilbury to New York. " B/as SAMESK 47-LEICESTER 50-INAGUA
  5. Leicester

    Leicester was one of the 2 'Liberty' ships acquired by Federal SN after WWII. 'Stafford' was the other. Leicester Built: 1944 Bethlehem-Fairfield, Fairfield Tonnage: 7,219grt Owners: Federal Steam Navigation 1944: Built as 'Samesk' for MOWT 1947: To FSN, r/n 'Leicester' 1950: Inagua 1958: Serafin To
1-5 of 5 Results