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  1. Ship Research
    Trying to find details on a gen cargo vessel noted clearly as Durward that was running, mainly it seems, between Lerwick and Leith during WW2 with Port records locally (Lerwick) showing Nrt 164 and a regular Captain McKenzie. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks John
  2. Histories
    Hi all, After some time now I have now got a new website up and running to show-case the great maritime heritage of the Port of Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland. The original website had to be taken down due to the dreaded hackers but this new one is an amagamation of the old with the new and it also...
  3. Leith, Freetown

    Leith, Freetown

    Leith, reg Freetown. Under arrest in Katakalon today with expired certificates for both ship and officers. Cargo cement but 'other' cargo believed hidden under the cement. She appears to be badly 'hogged'. She has a number of previous names welded onto the hull but 'IMS' is the only readable one.
  4. Unkown


    Restaurant - Leith
  5. Unknown


    Floating restaurant Leith
  6. Leith


    The banks of the Water of Leith as it enters Leith Docks.


    Leith Harbour, South Georgia circa 1952 Thanks to Geir Rosset, who put the panorama together from two negatives. My father took the photos apparently with the purpose of producing the effect above. My father was an engineer onboard the factory ship and also superintendant in charge of the refu
  8. Bloodhound


    Unknown yacht - beside HMY Britannia
  9. SS Explorer - Leith

    SS Explorer - Leith

    Volunteer restoration crew take a breather October 2012
  10. SS Explorer - Leith

    SS Explorer - Leith

    Here we have a pic of the newly donated wheel. Thanks go to Georgian Antiques in Leith. It's a perfect fit on the shaft and the woodruff key, so it's pretty close to the original, which along with lots of other original fitments has been stolen.
  11. SS Explorer - Leith

    SS Explorer - Leith

    The newly refurbished samson post after a scale, chip, prime and paint by Bob and Pete. Well done lads! Now get up that mast!!!
  12. SS Explorer - Leith , new funnel paint job

    SS Explorer - Leith , new funnel paint job

    Latest news, August 11th 2012 SS Explorer gets a new funnel paint job. Preservation and restoration work continues. Get involved and help us get Explorer back to sea!
  13. SS Explorer - Leith

    SS Explorer - Leith

    We decided to change the stripe from white to yellow.
  14. SS Explorer - Leith

    SS Explorer - Leith

    SS Explorer - Leith currently under restoration by volunteers. Here is the boiler room telegraph! see come and join us
  15. SS Explorer - Leith

    SS Explorer - Leith

    A recent pic of the fishing deck SS Explorer. An historic steam powered fisheries research vessel being restored in Leith by volunteers. See
  16. Evening at the Firth of Forth

    Evening at the Firth of Forth

    The inner Firth of Forth looking directly west. The point of view is the roads of Leith, the port of Edinburgh. To the left we see the port installations of Leith, overtopped by the Pentland Hills. Going further to the right there is the peninsula of Hound Point, and lying offshore the flat island
  17. Leith Tugs

    Leith Tugs

    Leith - Tugs
  18. The survey vessel TRIBENI

    The survey vessel TRIBENI

    This is a photograph of a survey vessel built at the Leith Shipyards of Henry Robb, seen here on her trials in the Firth of Forth, I am looking for any information on this ship ordered by the Commissioners for Port of Callcutta Fine looking ship but difficult to track down info on her.
  19. Leith Tugs

    Leith Tugs

    Beamer and Oxcar April 2009
  20. Kielder - Leith Harbour

    Kielder - Leith Harbour

    Call sign:MCSQ3 Previous name: Bufjord, Kvatrobulk, ... LOA 89.97 m BOA 12.37 m GRT 2138 DWT 2859 Build 1982 Main Engine: Stork Wartsila 1420 kW Crew 9