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  1. Leitrim

    Photo by J. Dickie of Wellington, 22.3.1919. Leitrim Built: 1915 Sir Raylton Dixon and Co, Middlesborough Tonnage: 9,540grt Owners: Union SSCo of NZ--an'Irish Counties' ship, with telescopic masts and removeable funnel-top for Manchester Ship Canal. 1929: Transferred to newly-formed...
  2. Leitrim

    Single Ship Report for "1139108" IDNo: 1139108 Year: 1916 Name: LEITRIM Launch Date: 29.4.15 Type: Passenger/cargo (rf) Date of completion: 2.1.16 Flag: GBR Tons: 9540 Link: 1543 DWT: Yard No: 588 LPP: 143.3 Beam: 18.3 Builder: Dixon (Raylton) Material of build: Location of...
1-2 of 2 Results