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  1. NG 2 Reiderland

    Reiderland leaving Lemvig a few years back
  2. L 290 "Else Damgaard"

    This local anchor seiner was lying yesterday in homeport Lemvig. She is probably the only anchor seiner this size with no netdrum aft.
  3. RI 475 "Jean Paul"

    Anchor seiner "Jean Paul" is registered in Hvide Sande as the onliest anchor seiner. It always operates out of Lemvig, where I also saw the vessel lying yesterday as one of only two anchor seiners. Lemvig had a few years back 15-20 anchor seiners. The anchor seiner is probably the only one
  4. HG 212 "Anine Baatz"

    Anchor seiner "Anine Baatz" of Hirtshals manouvering in Lemvig april 2001. The vessel met the chain saw a few years later.
  5. L 373 "Lone Langaa"

    Anchor seiner "Lone Langaa" in Lemvig october 2001. This vessel was built in DK for UK, sold to DK and now back in UK as GY 198.
1-5 of 5 Results