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  1. Ferry

    Guessing that this is a ferry ... it might say M-42 on the side. In front of the Marine Engineering School, Leningrad.
  2. KONDOR class sisters LENINGRAD and MOSKVA at sea

    The KONDOR class (Project 1123) Helicopter carrying submarine hunting vessels of the Black Sea Navy, based in Sevastopol. Built and delivered 1967(MOSKVA) resp. 1969(LENINGRAD) from Tchernomorskij Sudostroitel'nyj Zavod shipyard, Nikolajev. They often served both in the Med, the Suez Canal and...
  3. Leningrad

    I think this may be vessels seen at Kronstadt with the white hulled ones being research ships
  4. Batory in Leningrad

    The Polish ocean liner Batory seen here during a Baltic Sea cruise in the port of Leningrad in the pre-war years, about 1937 or 1938. The Batory (14,287 grt/8167 nrt) was launched on July 3rd, 1935 by Cantieri Riuniti dell' Adriatico at Monfalcone/Triest, yard number 1127 and commissioned on...
  5. Tanker Molodechno

    The Soviet Motor tanker Molodechno entering the port of Leningrad / St. Petersburg with the help of some tugs. Molodechno (8229 grt / 11,679 tdw) of the Kazbek-type was launched in 1955 at the Admiralty wharf in Leningrad, yard number 1017, and taken into service in 1956. Port of registry...
  6. Pacific Fighter

    A crewman aboard Pacific Fighter at the Nyrstar zinc processing plant at Risdon, on the River Derwent, near Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
  7. Leningrad

    Leningrad, now St. Petersburg, in 1977
  8. Leningrad Fishing Exhibition 1968

    USSR-built stern trawlers on show at the Leningrad fishing exhibition in 1968
  9. Queen of the Isles

    Queen of the Isles, 515 grt. nearing completion at Charles Hill & Sons dockyard Bristol 1965
  10. Port Leningrad

    Sea Port of Leningrad 1-st Cargo Region of Sea Port of Leningrad (St.Petersburg) in very end of 1970-th / beginning of 1980-th.
1-10 of 12 Results